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you how teens are using mother nature to help protect mother nature. >> in sports, we'll see why young pitchers need to play it safe. >> coming up, i get to spend the day with some knights. i'll tell you all about it. >> and we're just getting started, so stay tuned. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> teens are often under a lot of pressure to do well in school, but that doesn't mean it's okay to copy someone else's hard work and pass it off as your own. teachers call it "plagiarizing," but, as we see in this report, you can also call it cheating. and don't think you won't get caught. >> you've probably heard the word "plagiarize," but what, exactly, does it mean? >> when you take somebody else's words or ideas and you use them as your own. >> that's exactly right. in fact, the word "plagiarize" comes from the latin word for "kidnap," only instead of stealing a person, modern plagiarizing means stealing someone else's work. now, most of us won't copy another person's work exactly. we know that's cheating. but what if we
, and world war ii spies. they're all part of the nation's largest train terminal. join us as we take a tour. >> i'll tell you why kansas owes a lot to louisiana. >> behind the wheel, your everyday distractions can turn into dangerous habits. >> and we're just getting started, so stay tuned. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> scientists call them "neos" -- near-earth objects. they're asteroids and comets that might someday be on a course to collide with our planet. it might sound like a movie plot, but tyler tells us that nasa takes neos very seriously. in fact, all should. >> so, do you worry that something from outer space may crash into the earth? >> i think the chances are pretty slim. >> sometimes, like when i'm daydreaming in the middle of history class. >> no. i don't worry about something from outer space crashing into the earth. >> i don't worry about it a lot because i feel like we would have had a lot of warning from a lot of people and on the news, so i don't think that it's much to worry about. >> the universe is
to the london games web says he is just happy to have arrived and wants to encourage the athletes. >>> the u.s. economy grew by an annualized 1.5% in the second quarter of 2012. figures indicate the recovery has been slowing down. the u.s. department of commerce released preliminary gdp figures from april to june. the annualized growth is 1.5% during the first three months of the yen. consumer spending accounts for some 70% of u.s. economic activity. it grew by only 1.5% in the second quarter compared by 2.5% in the first quarter. disappointing figures on the market weighed down on consumer spending, with employers failing to create more than 100,000 jobs per month. for more on these figures we spoke with eej an harris, co-director of global economic the bank of america merrill lynch. >> a little bit of better news relative to what we've been hearing in recent weeks. however, the economy is still clearly slowing down. we expect growth to slow to just 1.3% in the third quarter and 1% in the fourth quarter as the problems in europe and the u.s. fiscal live away on the economy. so we clearly are
are putting pressure on syrian president bashar al assad. they've urged the u.n. security council to use threats of sanctions to persuade assad to step down. delegates to the friends of syria conference want assad to accept the plan for a transitional government saying the u.n. security council should adopt a resolution backed by sanctions. they said anyone who could undernine the credibility of the transaction should be excluded from the process. >> today the international community sent a clear and unified message. the violence in syria must stop, a democratic transition must start and assad must go. >> leaders from the u.n. security council's permanent members and the arab league agreed the plan for a transitional government. they want people from assad's administration and the opposition to take part. u.s. and european leaders say assad should quit the scene. russian leaders say no one should be excluded from the process. >>> hiring in the united states was lukewarm last month. employers created jobs but not enough to bring down unemployment. employers added 80,000 nonfarm jobs. that
>>> welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. >>> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says she'll encourage american businesses to invest in myanmar. she says she wants u.s. investment to help the people of myanmar grow their economy and reform their political system. >> the united states is putting in place protections to ensure that the increased investment we would like to see advances the reform process. >> clinton met with myanmar's president, thein sein. she asked him to improve the business environment for u.s. investment. u.s. government leaders eased their sanctions on myanmar on wednesday as a reward for pro-democracy reforms. they gave u.s. companies permission to invest in myanmar with certain conditions. u.s. firms can't deal with companies owned by the military, with people who abuse human rights or with companies that do military trade with north korea. >>> a chain of rocks in the east china sea is casting a shadow over diplomatic relations between tokyo and beijing. the object of the dispute, the senkaku islands known
. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, says they will allow the monitors to withdraw safely. she said unarmed observers couldn't stay in syria because there's no prospect of better security. >> we hope very much that withdraw will be conducted with principle priority placed on the security of u.n. personnel. >> washington ambassador rejected the u.s. description of the resolution. he said it's to allow the monitors to continue their work. >> we should not disorient the mission and international community by describing it as a withdraw resolution. >> russian vetoed a resolution that would have had sanctions on the syrian government. some analysts say they don't expect the security council to deal with syria effectively because its members are not united. >>> in other news, eurozone finance ministers have agreed to give spanish banks a bailout loan up to $100 billion euros. how much the banks need won't be clear until officials finish auditing them in september. officials want to make an initial payment of 30 billion euros this month to those in greatest danger. they said the bailo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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